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//  Origin:  Tel Aviv, Israel
//  Genres:  Dream Pop
//  Years Active:  2009- Present
//  Label:  Indie
//  Website:

The Aprons is a female dream pop duo, consists of Hava (drums, vocals, piano) and Talia (Bass, vocals, piano, harp), urban nymphs that produce magical miniatures and haunting tunes. 


The Aprons debut album "Sound Stains", was released in 2012 to critical acclaim and was followed by performances at major festivals in Israel an NY. 


In their second album - Any Human Heart, the girls push their musical boundaries without losing their unique character, incorporating electronic and guitar elements into the balance of sweetness and darkness, sugar and spice.

Nowadays The Aprons are working on their thirsd album. The first single River Crossing was released recently accompanied by a unique animated video in collaboration with 'Nomada Studio' creators of the game Gris.



Set List


Tech Rider


Hospitality Rider


Management: Rafi Lavinson |

Booking: The Aprons |

PR: Mira Benart |

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